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Genesis Land Sale and rare in-game NFT Characters

Nysperience is a rich and historied play-to-earn (P2E) game coming to the Samurai Launchpad. Its genesis NFT land and character sale will feature some of the Litcraft world’s most powerful characters and rare lands, none of which will be created again and all of which will boost play-to-earn potential. …

Does your NFT give you access, or does it give you backstage access?

We are, all of us, hustling.

Baristas and bus drivers, actresses and actuaries. The hustle is non-stop, and we are all on our own paths, creating our own value. Sometimes the paths cross, and at the crossing points we stop to share our value.

Except now those crossing points have…

Launch announcement: HYPE — powered by EcoFi — open NFT marketplace.

HYPE powered by EcoFi is launching. It is a milestone for the journey of art-NFTs and the start of the most exciting month in EcoFi’s history, bringing EcoFi is one step closer to decentralising the art world.

HYPE is launching legally binding NFTs that grant fractional ownership from a collection…

Halborn Cybersecurity Joins CyberFi/Samurai as Security Advisor

CyberFi/Samurai are excited to announce Halborn as the latest partner to join our growing ecosystem. Halborn is a Tier 1 cybersecurity solution known for its “Elite Cybersecurity for Blockchain Companies”, with such clients as Coinbase, Stellar, Bancor, and BlockFi.

We chose Halborn as our preferred partner due to the advanced…

Dale Linney - Six Marketeers

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