Whitelist Winners, KYC, and Participation Guide!

Plethori, The First Decentralized Cross-Chain Investment Platform for Open Trading and Creation of Trustless ETFs, has announced that they will collaborate with the Samurai Launchpad for their $PLE token offering on April 20th 09:00 AM UTC on Samurai followed by the Token Generating Event on May 3rd, at 02:00 PM UTC. The $PLE token is being offered on the Samurai Platform with a $50,000 USD Allocation for the CyberFi/Samurai Community.

Whitelist Application is now Closed.

IDO Schedule:

· Whitelist: April 12th, 2:00 PM UTC to April 16th, 2:00 PM UTC. (Closed)

· Whitelist & Allocation Announcement…

CyberFi have teamed up with megaBONK to bring NFT utility to the masses. In the first of a series of collaborative efforts, a specially commissioned set of NFTs will be making their way to valued community members of both projects.

Who Are megaBONK?

megaBONK is a decentralised NFT-minting project, allowing token holders to turn their digital art into a unique NFT by depositing the $mBONK ERC-20 utility token. Top artists are being attracted to the platform, and the NFTs produced so far have been stunning. megaBONK is a second-generation token, recently upgraded from the original $BONK token to adhere more closely with the…

How to win with DeFi’s new derivatives from AntiMatter

The $MATTER ecosystem for the first product: long and short put perpetuals. See article for detail.

Every fundamental particle in the universe has its opposite. Not only has this idea inspired the greatest advances in particle physics, it has inspired the team at AntiMatter to transform DeFi. In the $MATTER ecosystem, for every derivative product, there is a mirror image — the antimatter. For every long, a short, and for every put, a call.

This pairing system is the AntiMatter team’s elegant solution for developing a system of derivatives trading in DeFi. Until now, derivative products have only been widely available on centralised exchanges. …

How decentralised finance can heal the markets

Not your keys not your coins. If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase, take note. The winds of change look set to carry this sentiment from Reddit subgroups, through Wall Street, and straight into the offices of the billionaires cooped up there. Long have they sat on their heavy stacks, inventing money and trading it between themselves under the illusion of a free market. In the last few years, however, the rug has slowly been pulled from under their feet. A now game is afoot. Built on open blockchain technology, decentralised financial markets (“defi”) have been maturing to the point where…

Disinformation is rife in Trump’s GOP

In a world where deep fakes are becoming a real possibility, we need to hone our skills in spotting digital lies that pervade our discourse.

When I first watched Joe Rogan listen to an AI version of his own voice talk about sponsoring a hockey team made out of chimps — because they are superior athletes of course — I found it stunning and hilarious in equal measure. Then there is the far more chilling growth in porn deepfakes, with hideous implications about non-consensual use of imagery.

As so often in politics, many politicians have lagged behind on the tech…

Democrats should side with the protesters

The pieces that remained of Qasem Soleimani took their final journey through the streets of Tehran, slowly parting the thousands upon thousands of mourners, in an American-made Chevrolet. 56 Iranians died in the great human mass that pushed closer to the procession. “Death to America!” shouted the crowd — the familiar refrain that has rung through these streets since 1979.

Funeral of Qasem Soleimani

The world braced itself for the response from Iran. Many on the Democrat side talked of World War 3. Instead Iran launched a few impotent attacks on unimportant US bases in Iraq, and a tragic, ridiculous missile strike on Ukraine…

Unspoken complicity and the threat to free speech

Ricky Gervais enjoying his audience’s squirms. Source: NBC

If the reaction of Tom Hanks was anything to go by, Ricky Gervais’s monologue at the 2020 Golden Globes seemed like it was bombing in excruciating fashion. That is, of course, if you assume Tom Hanks was the intended recipient: he wasn’t.

A comic such as Ricky Gervais plays the material he’s given, and it hasn’t been a slow year for news in Hollywood. Hypocrisy has always been a fertile ground for comedy. If those living off Hollywood wanted fewer jokes about peadophiles, they should perhaps enable fewer of them, or at least examine honestly their legacy of doing so…

If you are attacked from both the left and the right, you might be nearing the truth.

As reported in the Daily Express

John Stuart Mill, in his essay On Liberty, argues that a person who knows only their own side of an argument, knows little at all. They may have never been refuted by their peers, and so they feel on sure footing. What they lack, however, is the arsenal to refute the other side, and so they have no grounds for preferring either opinion. He goes on to say that it’s not even enough to know of the arguments of the other side, or be taught them by teachers:

“He must be able to hear them from persons who actually believe…

Will they do it in time?

There has been a tide sweeping elections since 2016. Concerned moderates and liberal onlookers have decried the rise of populism, xenophobia and racism. But if they want to turn this tide, they need to focus on the point.

Instead they are being drawn in by a countervailing call from the left that entirely misses the concerns of the voters that brought these results about.

It bears remembering that in each of these elections — Trump 2016, the Brexit referendum and Thursday’s general election in the UK, among many others — that in order to win the vote, many so-called moderates…

Brexit won’t be the unifying issue at the next general election

An icy blue blast rent apart a wall that had stood for the living memories of all who dwelt there. Everything seemed about to change in the neglected North. No, this isn’t the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale. It is the aftermath of a Conservative whitewash in Thursday’s General Election.

52 out of the 60 lost Labour seats voted Leave in the 2016 referendum, but, as I have argued previously, the defining issue of the election runs far deeper than Brexit. At the next General Election, while we may still be defining our new relationship with the European Union…

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